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Ashlí Miréla
BCompMed. mFENACO/Naturopath. S.E.N (SANC). DipNut. DipAdv DTM. DipArom. YTTC

Lime essential oil is a skin rejuvenator superstar, having excellent firming effects, making it a great skin revitaliser, and is also ideal for mature skin. Lime is also known for its detoxifying properties and is especially good for reducing the signs of cellulite. 

Lime’s history: Originating in Southeast Asia, limes were introduced into Egypt & Northern Africa around the 10th century. They were then introduced into Spain around the 13th century & spread from there throughout the rest of Europe. We have Columbus to thank for taking these beautiful fruits with him in 1493 on his second voyage where they were cultivated in the warm Caribbean climate. Limes were used extensively by British explorers & known for the their high vitamin C content and for preventing scurvy.

Lime is a wonder oil and can aid with the following:

How to use Lime essential oil

Botanical name:  Citrus aurantifolia

Family:  Rutaceae

Origin: Italy

Aroma characteristics: Citrusy, sharp, tangy & tart


Therapeutic properties

• anti-microbial • antiseptic • astringent • anti-viral • digestive • cholagogue (promotes the discharge of bile from the system)• depurative (purifier) • restorative • tonic

Therapeutic uses

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