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Ashlí Miréla
BCompMed. mFENACO/Naturopath. S.E.N (SANC). DipNut. DipAdv DTM. DipArom. YTTC

Highly aromatic, orange oil has significant antibacterial qualities making it the perfect choice for natural disinfectants. Its ability to uplift the mood also helps alleviate stress related tension and is very relaxing.

Orange oils history.

For thousands of years, Orange Oil’s ability to naturally enhance immunity and reduce symptoms of numerous ailments have made it popular in traditional medicinal applications.  The folk remedies of the Mediterranean region as well as the regions of the Middle East, India, and China used Orange Oil to relieve a variety of maladies.

Orange Oil is derived from the fruits of the Citrus sinensis and its exact origins are unknown, however it is believed by botanists that it is a natural hybrid of the Pummelo and the Mandarin botanicals and that it originated between the South-West of China and the Himalayas.

The Europeans valued the citrus fruits mostly for their medicinal benefits but the orange was eventually adopted as a fruit cultivated by the wealthy who grew these trees in their private “orangeries”.

Today, Brazil is the major supplier of orange essential oil, which plays a huge role in the production of confectionery, drink, food and is even used in the cosmetics & perfume industry.

Uses of Orange oil.

Orange oil is best known for…


Botanical name: Citrus Sinensis

Origin: Brazil, United States, Italy, Spain, Israel, Argentina.

Aroma characteristics: sweet fruity aroma, zesty and warm.

Therapeutic properties

• Antibacterial  • antidepressant  • antiseptic  • antispasmodic  • calmative  • carminative (relieves flatulence)  •  cholagogue (promotes the flow of bile from the gall bladder into the duodenum) 

•  depurative (capable of purifying)  •  digestive  • diuretic  • febrifuge (lowers body temp/prevents fever) 

•  sedative  • stimulant  • stomachic (promotes or assists digestion)  • tonic

Therapeutic uses

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