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Ashlí Miréla
BCompMed. mFENACO/Naturopath. S.E.N (SANC). DipNut. DipAdv DTM. DipArom. YTTC

Rose Geranium essential oil is one of our most popular oils, and we use it in most of our blends and waxes. Its multiple healing properties make it a popular choice amongst aromatherapists, and is the most widely used oil in herbal medicine today, having been used by the native tribes of South Africa for hundreds of years. It has been used for many conditions and is specifically indicated in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia for diarrhoea and peptic ulcers.

This oil acts as a tonic and creates an overall balancing effect which extends to the skin, helping to stabilize both dry and oily skin and keeping skin smooth & supple. Its balancing effect on the body and mind makes this oil an obvious choice for uplifting the mood and promoting feelings of stillness and well-being. Grounding and calming, Rose Geranium helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, worry and stress, aids in depression and helps alleviate sleeplessness.

With over 700 varieties of geranium, there are only about 10 that are most commonly used in the herbology and aromatherapy fields, and the most recognisable garden variety geranium, simply doesn't yield enough essential oil to produce sufficient for extraction. With its earliest origins in South Africa, Rose Geranium has a long history of use in treating wounds, burns and other skin disorders. In the 17th century, it found its way into Spain, France, Italy & other European countries and was commonly planted inside the home to ward off evil spirits.

The Apothecary produces a signature rollerball oil blend called Serenity and a massage wax called Calm Balm, with the primary ingredient of both being Rose Geranium and their main objectives being calming and stress reduction.

How to use Rose Geranium essential oil

Botanical name:  Pelargonium roseum.

Family: Geraniaceae

Origin: South Africa

Aroma characteristics: Rosy, sweet, green herbaceous, citrusy, earthy.

Therapeutic properties

• Analgesic • Anti-bacterial • Anti-depressant  • Anti-inflammatory • Antiseptic • Astringent • Circulatory • Diuretic • Haemostatic (prevents bleeding) • Tonic (liver & kidneys) • Vulnerary (wound healing).

Therapeutic uses

• Female reproductive disorders • Circulatory system • Reynaud’s disease • Endocrine system • Lymphatic system fluid retention & cellulite • Varicose veins • Hemorrhoids • Nervous system nervous tension and stress-related problems • Depression • Fatigue • Emotional crisis • Nervous skin disorders • Neuralgia  • Skin care effective on balancing all skin types & aiding in dermatitis, eczema, wounds & bruises.

All the essential oils highlighted in this column are available at The Emporium of the Enchanted Forest (inside the VaVa Yoga Studio) or online, and you can explore our Apothecary and discuss any questions you may have with me, Ashlí.

Rose Geranium

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