Who are we?

Opened in October 2019, The Emporium of the Enchanted Forest is the domain of Darío Martín & Ashlí Miréla.  Set within the VAVA Yoga studio, the Emporium is a repository of all things esoteric and a haven for those drawn to a pagan path.

Darío is a pentagram and robe wearing Sorcerer in the Chaos tradition, he is also qualified in Crystal Healing and Reiki and is undertaking various other complementary studies … and will likely continue doing so for some time yet.  Alchemy being of particular interest

The opening of The Emporium of the Enchanted Forest allows Darío to indulge his passion for all things mystical, esoteric, weird, crystalline and downright spooky.

Ashlí is Dario's partner and as the resident aromatherapist makes all the essential oil based products.  She claims not to be a witch, but as she has an innate ability to heal and also brew incredibly effective lotions and potions, we suspect magickal talent. 

So should you wish to drop past and say hello, whatever path you walk, you will find a warm welcome awaits you here.

Merry meet, and Blessed be.