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The Emporium of the Enchanted Forest

Alas, we have no online shop, for our products change too frequently to keep a true store updated.

But if you can't come in, send us an email or a message - we'll be happy to help you out and post an item or two to you if you so desire.  Credit Cards are accepted, as is PayPal, so online payment options are there.

We have a large range of essential oils, a good stock of incence, leather bound books of every type and decription, feather quills and Dragons Blood ink.  Bracelets, necklaces and pendants abound of every type.  We particularly like the lava bead energy bracelets we offer on which you can place a few drops of your favourite essential oil and have the power, properties and fragrance of the oil with you all day.

Of course, there are candles and crystals as well.  We try to keep the lesser known and more difficult to obtain crystals .... but being difficult to obtain means sometimes its difficult for us to obtain them too ...